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    Ready delivery

    Cooperation with logistics services enables us to deliver our products to customers “from door to door”. Transportation of our furniture is carried out by special transport from the company warehouses both to warehouses of foreign buyers and directly to chain brand stores of customers throughout Europe.

    Stages of Ready delivery

    Packaging and storage.

    To secure upholstered furniture from soaking and external damages, it is carefully packed and stored in the warehouse under conditions of optimal moisture content. For identification of goods, the package is marked according to customer requirements.

    Delivery of furniture.

    On the day of shipment, furniture is loaded into specially equipped trucks and transported by drivers to customer facilities according to all the rules of international transportation without sacrificing marketable condition of products.

    Unloading at destination point.

    Upon arrival of the truck at scheduled time to the warehouse or to the customer’s store, total consignment of delivered furniture is unloaded and is transferred to the person responsible for receiving the goods.