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    Production process

    Due to precise planning and timely delivery of materials to the enterprise, downtime in production is excluded. As a result, total duration of the production cycle does not exceed the scheduled time.

    Stages of Production process

    Preparation of materials.

    Raw materials received from the suppliers come to the blank production shop, where after processing procedure on the production line it is transformed into semi-finished products of the required shapes and sizes.

    Manufacture of frames and soft elements.

    Frames are manufactured and assembled of ready-made constructional units using various types of joints. Cutting and sewing of furniture covers are performed at the sewing workshop, which as a result of filling with elastic materials at the next site are transformed into soft elements.

    Assembling and upholstering of products.

    Assembling of wooden components and soft elements into a single frame with grinding of open parts and upholstering of elements is performed at assembly and upholstering workshops. Afterwards, finished products are reliably packed and sent to the warehouse, where they are stored until shipment to customers.